Flower of Joy

Bitterness spreads like weed,

it burns like a wildfire inside.

Stop, don’t water it,

move your roots away from it.

Pluck out, remove it one by one,

till you see none.

Sow seeds of Joy instead,

let care & love be their fertiliser.

Let bliss be their water,

and kindness their strength.

Let it grow into a beautiful flower of Joy.

Groom, graft, propagate, nourish,

for joy only grows when multiplied.

Behold the bitterness wither around you,

and blossoms of hope bloom.

Attracting assortment of creatures,

of shapes and sizes unknown,

delighting the fruit of your labour.

Ah, the sweet Joy of fruition,

like no other.

2 thoughts on “Flower of Joy

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  1. Excellent poem on life… good play of words making it more attractive . It’s very necessary to throw out the bitterness within us and bring sweetness to each and every situation.

    Liked by 1 person

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