Beware what you wish for, you might get it.

Story of an unfulfilled wish My meditation this morning brought forth memories of a long-forgotten pilgrimage that I embarked on years ago. With a wish in my heart that I never actually wanted to be fulfilled. At the moment, it was everything I wanted in life. It did not feel like a challenge that I... Continue Reading →

Not A Book Review: The Namesake

If there was ever a book written about me, this will be it. It's the story of my life written in a book. It connected to me on a personal level. The main protaganist's dislike for his name, his dual life growing up. Everything is relatable. Give the article a read to know more.

A shitty place for great ideas.

“A constipated stomach leads to a constipated mind”. This quote bears true for anyone who holds onto shit(quite literally) or rather has a shitty mind. The solution for the former is obviously a laxative or bottle gourd(trust me that works) but the latter needs a bit of introspection. The title would have piqued interest of... Continue Reading →

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