Two years of The Soulful Introvert

33 Reflections from Life

Life, in it's weird, surprising way has a way of teaching you things which you would have otherwise never learned. I turned 33 today and decided to collate all my learnings over the years into a list and share it with you. Some lessons were easy, some were not but each one of them made... Continue Reading →

Our Earth is dying. #OnlyOneEarth

The Earth is dying. What a morbid statement to start an article with, isn't it? Well, it’s the truth. Our earth which has sustained life for millions of years, with a million different species, is at the end of its lifecycle. Thanks to us humans. Humans have sucked up all the resources that nature has... Continue Reading →

She writes…

She writes.She writes to her heart's content.She writes when her heart is not content.She writes about the highs and lows,about the ebbs and flows.She writes when she relates, with the quirks & cliches.She writes to her heart's content,even when her heart is not content.Jinty Skariah Writing has been my constant from the past few years.... Continue Reading →

Not A Book Review: The Namesake

If there was ever a book written about me, this will be it. It's the story of my life written in a book. It connected to me on a personal level. The main protaganist's dislike for his name, his dual life growing up. Everything is relatable. Give the article a read to know more.

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