The Onam I remember.

An article which is special in many ways, it reminds me of home and the memories connected. Onam, a festival all Keralites celebrate comes with a lot of memories. Read through for mine.

The Time We Almost Died.

Day-dreaming. Sitting on my desk besides the huge french windows leading to the balcony. Reduced to just gaping the outside view and not just actually being outside. This pandemic has come with a lot of baggage and crippled the whole human-kind to its core. Death being the ultimate baggage, along with fear, anxiety, loneliness and … Continue reading The Time We Almost Died.

My First Best Friend

She came running to me huffing & puffing across the massive sports field in our school. Her cheeks all red, her forehead smeared in sweat and eyes watery. And she asked “ Why didn’t you say goodbye to me?”. Taken aback by the sudden intervention and burst of love, I couldn’t comprehend what just happened. … Continue reading My First Best Friend

Play of Anxiety

Beads of sweat covered her face like a brides veil, heavy breaths gushed out her nose, like a whirlwind on a dry summer day. She woke up, drenched in a pool of sweat. Gasping, she jumped out of bed, running straight to the window for light, the moon above shining abright, on this calm winter … Continue reading Play of Anxiety

About Me

Hi, I’m Jinty. A blogger, writer and a full-time dreamer. As they say, dreams do come true. This blog was my dream of being a writer and finally it manifested. I write about anything and everything that inspires, intrigues and indulges me which includes lifestyle, travel, food and many more journeys that I have embarked on.

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