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For the transient reader, who stumbled upon this page. Hi, welcome to my blog.

Hope you stay on a bit longer and browse through to get to know me better.

Before I introduce myself, I would like you to know that this blog was created purely out of my love for the written word.

I am no writer, don’t claim to be one but I love writing. New to the world of blogging and like all other skills that us humans can hone, I believe that one day even I can call myself a good writer. A proud one.

Lets begin my story then. I have been a traveller since I was born, my dad was in the forces. Movement was the only constant in our lives.

As a child, it was not easy but, in retrospective, I am grateful for all those experiences. How many can of us can boast of travelling the entire country, coming across different kinds of people and languages in their lifetime. Not many I bet.

Schooling was scattered, then finally my parents decided its time to settle down. That’s when we permanently moved to my home state of Kerala. My name would have given it away. wink!

I studied Engineering and like all other aspiring engineers, moved to Bangalore in search of a job. This city has been home for the past 10 years now. I feel more at home here than at my actual home.

I guess that’s an eventuality we all go through at a point in life. Found a job, found my freedom, made new friends, explored new avenues in life and eventually found love, all here in this city. But through all this I felt a need to do something more, something that is mine and can be shared with all at the same time.

Thus, this blog was born. I always wanted to write but hesitated, in a bid to balance life and work all else was forgotten. Finally, it took a pandemic for me(& I am sure for all) to realise that we only have this life, so live with no regrets.

Come join me in the journey. Hit that follow button and enjoy the ride.

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