Our Earth is dying. #OnlyOneEarth

The Earth is dying.

What a morbid statement to start an article with, isn’t it? Well, it’s the truth. Our earth which has sustained life for millions of years, with a million different species, is at the end of its lifecycle.

Thanks to us humans.

Humans have sucked up all the resources that nature has to offer monstrously, destroying forests, depleting resources and wildlife, polluting our land, air and water, leaving it vulnerable to the point of collapse.

A recent UN report published about climate change states that we are probably going to have major land mass under water and a temperature rise of 1.5 degrees by 2030, making life hard for many of us, which in the current scenario seems inevitable.

The environment needs our attention and action now. We cannot turn a blind eye to this global crisis looming over our heads anymore. 

World Environment Day
World Environment Day, June 5th.

Every year the World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 with that exact goal. It is the biggest global movement which works to inspire positive change and bring awareness to the ever-increasing environmental issues. This year the theme is “Only One Earth” which aligns with the current state of conditions. 

Exacerbation of a collective change is needed not only at the individual levels but at an organisational and government level. 

As individuals we can also continue to do our part and not wait for these authorities. Contribute to the movement and save our future generations from facing the brunt of the climate crisis.

UNEP states that sustainability should no longer be a choice, rather a default option.

If you are anywhere on social media, you probably have heard the word “sustainable” or “eco-friendly” being used around a lot. Be it in food, clothing, makeup, or any of your favourite brands. Sustainable & Eco-friendly are the buzzwords that’s thrown around a lot.

Ever wondered why? What does it even mean? And how did sustainability become a selling point?


Google will list down a multitude of meanings for sustainability starting from generic to more specific. Since our topic is more specific to the environment, let me explain it accordingly.

Sustainable living means upholding a practice of living consciously without harming, degrading or depleting the natural resources and the environment and, passing it on to our future generations for use.

It requires you to be a conscious consumer. 

It requires you to read labels & ingredients. 

It requires you to avoid practices that negatively affect the environment. 

It requires you to think and assess how your actions are affecting future generations.

But, do I need to change my life drastically?

No, it does not require drastic changes. I am not gonna ask you to stop everything you are buying completely or throw out everything in your house that pollutes the environment. That’s not sustainable either. 

I started my journey 3 years ago and I am still not perfect. I fail at times and then learn again. And, I am still learning. It’s not easy but it’s really not that hard either. You just need to care and be empathetic towards the environment.

What we can do is be more mindful and conscious in our purchases. Look for sustainable alternatives. Be minimalistic in your approach. Be empathetic towards the environment. Know that your actions have consequences.

Think about it – Do you actually need those 4 extra packs of kitchen towel, or can you do with just 1 for the moment, or even better, can you replace that with a reusable cloth napkin? Do I really need that new jeans? Do I really need that new pair of shoes?

The point is you don’t need to make a drastic shift in you life. You just need to take that one step.

— Don’t throw away your plastic containers, bags, cookwares, furniture to replace them with eco-friendly products. That’s going to create even more waste into landfills and pollution. Instead, reuse them in a different way. Maybe make a compost bin out of your big plastic containers. Use them to store old clothes or unused items.

— Switch your toiletries to eco-friendly options from the next time, like your brushes, toothpastes, loofahs & menstrual products.

— Switch to products that don’t pollute our air, water and soil.

— Start composting your kitchen waste. If you can, start a small kitchen garden.

— While travelling make use of reusables instead of single-use plastics.

— Switch off lights or any electronic devices when not in use. 

— Look for organisations in your locality that recycle plastic waste, plant trees, perform clean up activities and raise voice against environmental issues.

Every drop makes an ocean, likewise, every individual’s effort makes an ocean of difference.

So, don’t overthink it. Make that choice. Take that small step. Choose environment over ease. Because, we have #OnlyOneEarth

P.S – I could go on and on about the environment and earth because this is something I am passionate about. This article has been a year in the making. I had so many points to share but I didn’t want to overcrowd it. I have lots more to share about Sustainable Living. Let me know if you are interested.

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