She writes…

She writes.
She writes to her heart’s content.
She writes when her heart is not content.
She writes about the highs and lows,
about the ebbs and flows.
She writes when she relates,
with the quirks & cliches.
She writes to her heart’s content,
even when her heart is not content.

Jinty Skariah

Writing has been my constant from the past few years. It’s my escape, my therapy, it calms me down. Writing down my thoughts, ideas, however weird and quirky they might seem, has always helped me. So imagine not being able to do it for the past whole month.

Reason: I had a surgery. It was a laparoscopic procedure to remove a fibroid found in my uterus(ah! The things women go through). The surgery went by smoothly and as expected. I was on bed rest for a week followed by a month of recovery.

Only downside was that it cost me my writing. I was unable to sit for long hours which made writing, editing & posting impossible. Even though, I leveraged my phone and iPad to scribble down thoughts but nothing beats the feeling of a pen and paper. So, I patiently waited.

And, today is the day when I decided to finally start again. The feeling is unparalleled to any. I feel fitter than before and can stand to sit for some good old fashioned writing.

I look forward to writing and editing more posts. Expect a lot of meaningful content your way.

P.S : I wrote the lines above(in image) a few months ago but it feels apt to share it now with the world.

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