One year of The Soulful Introvert.

Today is our last day in this house, the first house my husband and I moved into after marriage. As I sit and await the end of this adventure and begin a new one in our new place. I am reminded of another adventure I began a year ago.

The journey of The Soulful Introvert.

The idea took shape two years ago and it took me a year to bring it into reality. After months of contemplation, last year on my birthday, I launched my blog into the world. It was scary and thrilling at the same time.

I must confess, this article should have been out a few days ago i.e on my birthday earlier this week. But with the move and everything that follows, I got a little sidelined. Glad I managed to get this finished before the move.

I am sure the new place will bring stories and adventures of its own.

It’s been a year and it never crossed my mind to explain the meaning or the thought behind the name, The Soulful Introvert.

Why The Soulful Introvert?

When the thought of creating a blog site hit my mind, my first plan of action was to write. And, write I did, for almost two months. So when I had a decent amount of articles ready, I knew it was time to start thinking about building a site.

I built a site overnight, only thing left was naming it. I was sure about the ‘introvert’ part in the name. As it’s synonymous with my personality but what’s the most suitable adjective?

Many things came to mind “joyful” “jovial” “simple” etc. All very mundane and easy, nothing fit well. My husband and I sat down to discuss about possible names. He took a jab and suggested “The Soulless Introvert” in his usual fun and witty way. 

That ignited a small incandescent light in my head, it got me thinking. I like the word soul attached to an Introvert because usually it’s not a word associated with us.

After much contemplation, I arrived at the Soulful Introvert. I knew at that moment, this is the name. Did my due diligence and searched if there was anyone else with the name. Fortunately, none came up. And I ended up finding the meaning of being a soulful introvert. It reflected my personality so well.

According to the grow-joy article I read, “a soulful introvert is someone who is passionate & mission driven but gets energized by spending more time alone than with other people.”

It further explains that a soulful introvert is creative, deeply introspective, big-hearted, enjoys solitude and gets easily drained by large company or gatherings. These are only a few traits, there are many others, read all that in this article.

The Learnings

Feeling the obligation.
Introverted Soul

I started as someone who only wanted to be a blog writer but as I grew in knowledge and learned the art of writing more. I discovered a whole new world of Content Writing. It opened gateways for me to explore and work with talents similar or far superior than mine. I nurtured relationships and friendships outside of my circle, which was new and exciting. 

A few years ago, I would not even think about approaching a complete stranger and having a full-blown conversation with them. But now, I do it almost everyday and strangely enough I look forward to it each day.

This platform and all the others I am on, has given me the confidence which I seeked all these years. It reinforced my faith on my skills for which I am grateful.

It reassured me that my introvertedness is not a deterrent to my abilities but an armour that helps me observe, explore and create content in a more passionate way.

To my audience

Saving the best for the last. Without you guys, it would not have been possible so I want to Thank each one of you who has come here and made a difference through your likes, comments & feedback.

Your responses make me immensely happy. Keep reading and keep giving me your valuable feedback.
I look forward to it.

What’s next?

I took a small break from posting blogs, to pursue something I love. Pursuing both became overwhelming at one point. Despite that, I am looking forward to posting regularly not for the sake of it but because I love writing and sharing with the world.

And if my words have an impact on even one soul out there, THE GOAL IS MET. Hope to see you guys with another blog soon.

Till then keep your likes and comments coming.

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      1. I appreciate that! I’m just reading through blogs trying to get some inspiration. And hopefully make some friends.

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