The Herd Mentality

Its called the Herd Mentality.

And it’s passed down from generations to generations.

It’s the norm of the world and no one dare question it.

For the one who does, is often ostracized or sometimes far worse, has died.

Society runs on these rules and rules are never meant to be broken.

A child since birth is brought up in these norms and it becomes the child’s normal.

It seldom questions as to how, why and for what the said norms are followed.

The questioning begins only when the child attains a certain age of rebellion.

When everything around seems abnormal, it’s then the child ventures out,

and learns the new ways of the world, often detested, often taboo, often not-spoken.

And the grown child is now a victim of the Herd Mentality.

The child whose brain was never tickled to question, it was never taught to be independent both in thoughts or in actions.

It was never encouraged to take part in learning the ways of the world but confined to its own herd.

Why do we do this to our children?

Why do we define the limits to their world?

Why don’t we teach our kids to explore?

Why don’t we teach them to be free?

Too much negativity spread, let’s talk positive ahead.

Let’s break out from our shells and teach ourselves,

learn and unlearn the ways of the world.

Let’s not set boundaries, let’s not define rules,

Let’s work towards progress, let’s not regress.

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