A shitty place for great ideas.

A constipated stomach leads to a constipated mind”.

This quote bears true for anyone who holds onto shit(quite literally) or rather has a shitty mind. The solution for the former is obviously a laxative or bottle gourd(trust me that works) but the latter needs a bit of introspection.

The title would have piqued interest of many and some have already whipped up the imagination train contemplating all reasonable possibilities.

I assure you this article doesn’t go down that lane, instead its a bit of a shitty trail. Tickled your brains yet?

To state that I was a little hesitant of putting out this article, would be an understatement. But you gotta do what you gotta do, aint it?

Let’s talk Mornings. Who doesn’t love mornings? I see many nodding heads in unison.

Bearer of a myriad of prospects and promises. And also poop. For many around the globe, their day starts with flushing out toxins of the previous day. A breezy activity for some and not so breezy for other’s.

Grossed out, well don’t. If you can take your phones in the shit can, why can’t I write about it?

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

Going through the internet, I found many pages and articles written up about the correlation between showers and brain activity.

A shower has been known as a place where ideas flourish, given it requires the least amount of brain activity and provides the most amount of brain stimulation.

I took it up a notch to explore the same possibilities with one being on a toilet. Worry not, it won’t go beyond the general exploration of an inquisitive mind.

A place where creativity flourishes.

Ideas while sitting on a toilet? Who does that? Well me. For someone balancing between work and home along with baby-sitting a dog. Alone time is a far fetched dream.

So when does one brew ideas for blogs, articles, instagram posts and all things creative? You guessed it.

Since I have started writing on a regular basis, it’s become equally hard to come out with genuine ideas for blogs. And truth be told, whatever you come up with, has been pondered over and written up by someone, somewhere already.

So what does one do? Do you stop writing because it’s already out there?

Will that serve your purpose? No.

So what’s the solution? Write anyway but give it a personal touch. Do research, strategise, jot down your original thoughts and then start building it up.

How does one come up with genuine ideas frequently? Ideation.

How does ideation happen? Many use the age-old techniques of brainstorming, data collection, research on what’s trending and much more.

Ideation requires a lot of brain power and given the current situation it’s next to impossible sometimes.

So what do I do? I set aside my ideation to my lone time. That’s also my loo time.

Being an introvert, people can be very distracting and achieving sensory stimulation is improbable. Our brains need visualization and imagination to awaken the subconscious mind and produce creative ideas.

Sitting alone for a few minutes is a welcome thought in a world bombarded with information every second. It compels one to dwell into their own thoughts. Scary sometimes, right?

That’s why many seek the companionship of a phone even while going to the toilet. Why would you though? So unhygienic. I judge you.

Not the one to rush to a canner first thing in the morning, I wait till my body decides to expend its toxins and then I oblige. TMI?

Dialogue from Piku
Dialogue from Piku

The above quote should suffice my thought process.

So how did my ideation began?

Tired of counting the tiles on the floor and walls, my brain wandered around thinking, reasoning, pondering over things which I would rarely have time for otherwise.

Few days into it and it felt relaxing both for my mind and body. While the body disposes off the scraps, my mind amasses on ideas.

A win-win situation I must say.

It doesn’t have to be a toilet necessarily to get your creativity blooming but that’s something I found working for me. There can be a number of reasons behind it.

I believe it’s the calmness, the solitude and the idleness which stimulates the brain to dwell in various other areas. Also, a great distraction from the shitty(pun intended) activity.

P.S : The title of this article was birthed during one of those jaunts to the shitty place.

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