She came into our lives on a sunny July afternoon.

Anticipation, anxiety, excitement all bubbled up together inside.

Days of wait was over and here she was, given to us.

Small, timid, fragile were words that resonated of her.

I was scared, so was she.

A new home, new people, new surrounding.

It was all new for her.

How do you take care of a pup?thought I.

who knew, you just learn along the way replied my rhetoric.

It was not love at first sight honestly,

for dogs scared me.

They look cute from afar,

bring them close, one might scar.

It took a long road trip, to create a bond.

Her anxious eyes met mine,

after a series of poops and pees and scratches,

she fell asleep on my lap holding her clutches.

Finally. Big relief. Huge sigh!

Rumi she is,

a beautiful soul, thought I.

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