Play Of Anxiety

Beads of sweat covered her face like a brides veil,

heavy breaths gushed out her nose,

like a whirlwind on a dry summer day.

She woke up, drenched in a pool of sweat.

Gasping, she jumped out of bed,

running straight to the window for light,

the moon above shining abright,

on this calm winter night.

Yet, there was no calmness inside,

reminiscing the doings of the day,

a million things left aside,

the undone work, the broken relationship, the dirty dishes.

her eyes rolled back, her mind drew a blank.

It took a few deep breaths,

from oblivion to present,

and the realisation,

Anxiety has crept in.

Made its way in, through the open crevices,

hiding in plain sight,

bringing forth itself at its own devices.

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