Fear, Oh Fear!

Unchartered territory.

Fear, Oh Fear. Why art thou so unfair? Guess the answer to this question will never surface. Like all the unanswered mysteries of this universe, fear remains unresolved. It can be exhausting at times. It can be caused or created. It has no one source, yet all of its source is one. Our brain.

Fear is an ugly, unwanted, futile emotion in a human psyche which unfortunately grows as much as you feed it. It grips us in its vicious cycle of denial, doubt and deviousness until it gets us whole and destroys us.

brain says "I want you to panic."
brain says “I want you to panic.”

Many people get stuck in their mundane adult life because of the fear of change. It doubles as an invisible blanket or a shield which protects you from the unknown. It holds you back from wandering over unchartered territory. It keeps you locked in its safety of monotony and absolute control.

Ultimately, it wears you down with the burden and mental exhaustion of knowing that there is something better for you out there. If only you had the courage to step out and venture. If only, you could break these shackles of fear gripping inside you, failing you each moment , denying you of the wonderful future awaiting you in all its glory.

It keeps a lover from professing their love, an exhausted employee from quitting his job, an unhappy person from leaving their marriage, an upcoming youth from trying new things. Conclusively, it has done no good and will do no good ever to anyone stuck in its claws.

For the longest time I had a fear of driving. I had an unfortunate accident while learning to drive years ago and it kept me from trying it again for years. I owned a car but couldn’t drive it because of the fear of crashing. My fear consumed me so much that I never gave it another try. It kept bugging me all these years and finally, gave myself a pep talk which mostly involved shouting out “QUIT BEING A BABY”.

And as much as I like to say that it worked like magic ,I will be lying. It took a lot of persuasion and inner work.

So now, I am up in my game of driving this time keeping my mental fears aside. Well, there is the momentary lapse and thoughts of crashing or killing someone in the process , but then we are all humans. Its part of the process to get down and up again. Right!

People get so consumed in their familiar routines hat they cannot comprehend a change sometimes. For those of you out there who can, lucky you. I envy you. But then there are a few like yours truly who can’t seem to get over the fact that change is inevitable, whether you want it or not.

It is waiting for you just around the corner, the only thing you can do is to decide whether the change starts with you or is forced upon you. Whether you want to welcome with open hands or throw it out the window.

Sometimes, fear of not knowing is the fun part. It can open up new avenues for you, maybe give you a new lease in life. Make fear your friend from foe. Remove the blanket of safety looming upon you and make it your cape of success. Who knows, maybe it will change your life for the better. Teach you great lessons, lessons for life.

Just like Nelson Mandela once said “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

When you know its gonna be a good day.
When you know its gonna be a good day.

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