The Onam I remember.

An article which is special in many ways, it reminds me of home and the memories connected. Onam, a festival all Keralites celebrate comes with a lot of memories. Read through for mine.

Play Of Anxiety

Beads of sweat covered her face like a brides veil, heavy breaths gushed out her nose, like a whirlwind on a dry summer day. She woke up, drenched in a pool of sweat. Gasping, she jumped out of bed, running straight to the window for light, the moon above shining abright, on this calm winter... Continue Reading →

The Time We Almost Died.

Smiling outside, dying inside. Day-dreaming. Sitting on my desk besides the huge french windows leading to the balcony. Reduced to just gaping the outside view and not just actually being outside. This pandemic has come with a lot of baggage and crippled the whole human-kind to its core. Death being the ultimate baggage, along with... Continue Reading →

Fear, Oh Fear!

Unchartered territory. Fear, Oh Fear. Why art thou so unfair? Guess the answer to this question will never surface. Like all the unanswered mysteries of this universe, fear remains unresolved. It can be exhausting at times. It can be caused or created. It has no one source, yet all of its source is one. Our... Continue Reading →

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